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The Mongol Rally

"Motoring stupidity on a global scale"

"The greatest motoring adventure on the planet. The Mongol Rally is the original and for many, the best of our adventures.


You’ll cover 10,000 miles across mountains, deserts, the steppe of Europe and Asia in a tiny 1000cc car you bought from a scrapyard for £4.60. There is no backup. There is no set route. It’s just you, your car and planet earth.

This is about getting lost in a world where everyone knows where you are. This is a challenge, an experience, an adventure and there is nothing else like it."

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"We are the curators of chaos.


We are the worlds best at creating adventures that are organised within colossal boundaries with simple rules that ensure your adventure is unique. We give you permission to not need help. This is your excuse to not fall back on the safety net of the modern world.

We think of the planet as a giant playground, all we do is lay down the goal posts and bring the ball. The rest is down to you.

If that all sounds confusing, put it like this.


You’re on your own." 

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There are countless inspirational travel quotes floating around on the internet; some barely worth a quick glance away from Netflix, some really do fire you up to go out and grab the world by it’s whatsits.

We feel that the adventurists have it in a nutshell.

Be less boring.

Aside from the above, there are so many reasons to take part in the Mongol Rally - the sightseeing, the culture, the adventure, the time off work… it really is a no-brainer. If it sounds like we are begging pennies to go off having a fabulous time galavanting around the world we won’t deny it, but it is all in aid of some very good causes.

We will be supporting Cool Earth, the Bumblebee Conservation Society, Solar Aid and Dementia Adventure. Why so many charities? The short answer: we just couldn’t choose. Each one of these charities is doing fantastic work, but needs ongoing support to be able to continue making a difference. As the sayings go, every little helps and every penny counts.


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