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Want to help?

Saving the planet even comes with perks

Bee 4.png

Queen Bee

  • Your beautiful logo or name pride of place at the top of our Sponsors page, along with a spot on our home page and on the side of our van.

  • Everyone likes a video, so we'll talk about how amazing you are on our vlog.

  • 5 posts throughout our travels specifically mentioning your support.

Bee 8.png

Royal Jelly

  •  A little souvenir from our journey. Pick a country from our route and we’ll pick you up a prezzie. 

Bee 3.png

Drone Bee

  • Your logo or name slap bang in the middle of our Sponsors page.

  • 2 mentions on social media to let everyone know how grateful we are.

  • Your logo or name on the side of our beloved van.

Bee 5.png

Sweet Nectar

  • No time abroad is complete without rushing around to find postcards. We'll make sure we send you one.

Bee 1.png

Worker Bee

  • Your logo or name on our Sponsors page

  • A mention and photo on Instagram

  • Your logo or name on the side of our lovely van.

Bee 7.png

Sugar Syrup

  • Our eternal gratitude and lifelong good karma.

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