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We’re Emily & Matt - a husband and wife team who’ve had a moment of madness and signed up for the Mongol Rally 2019.


Madness embraced, and this Summer we’re off to Ulan Ude in East Siberian Russia. We thought we’d take the scenic route - Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia... We also thought we’d drive it in a dinky little micro van (presently unnamed) who is currently more rust than van.


It has dawned on us that this is quite a long way. With no major disasters it will probably take us around 6 weeks, which will quite possibly be the longest time that Matt and I have ever spent in each others company.


Despite the fact that we couldn’t think of anything that sounded more fun to do with our summer than spend it driving through the desert eating goats testicles and drinking fermented yak milk,  it has presented a rather wonderful opportunity to do a spot of fundraising.


All of this is in aid of four rather wonderful charities: Cool Earth, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Solar Aid and Dementia Adventure. Why so many charities? The short answer: we just couldn’t choose. Each one of these charities is doing fantastic work, but needs ongoing support to be able to continue making a difference.

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We're Emily and Matt, a husband and wife living in Tiptree, Essex. We both love travelling (fortunate as we have to do a LOT of it for work) and we're really excited to be embarking on the travel adventure of a lifetime together.

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